Sunday, May 29, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 5/29/16

May wardrobe colors:  navy, tan and coral.

Cross-woven pink and yellow...that reads coral, made up in Vogue 1055  - one of their Adri collection patterns.  I really, really like it and have another piece of fabirc - a silk/linen blend - that I intend to make up into this but I just have not been able to bring myself to face the button loops and 12 teeny mitered corners again.  One of these days I'll steel my nerve and do it.

Navy rayon/lycra jersey Jalie 2566 t, and, well, boot cut Levis.

Next month:  Navy, gray pink...

And, my kinda-sorta-weekly shout out to Debbie-who-won-the-fabric...please resend your address to tig77LW at yahoo;  I had a bit of a dust up with my inbox and the original email got deleted.  The fabric is in the box...waiting for the address... ;-)

Monday, May 23, 2016

...and the drapey cream top....workwear thirty-three...

The ribbed rayon cowl neck top  slightly modified Vogue 8669...the last of the SWAP pieces to be worn in public.

With the original Hippy Earth Mother skirt and my old skool CWC denim jacket.

Yeah.  Kinda retro hippy.  But really comfy.

It's all officially broken in now.  Back to our regular hit-or-miss blogging schedule... :-D

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 05 22 16

May colors are Navy, Coral and Tan.

The only actual me-made item here is the Jalie 2919 pleated cardi that I've been wearing in the coral months since, well, ages ago.  The T is a tan w/gold linen t that doesn't look nearly as yellow in real life as it looks in the photo.  RTW jeans and a scarf I found at the Hallmark shop.

The scarf, which also looks more yellowy than it really is, makes it work, I think.

It has been a very, very busy weekend.  I need another Saturday ;-)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

How many ways can I complicate something simple?

Erm,  the ten year celebration giveaway goofs have surfaced again.

Firstly,  I still need Debbie to resend her mailing address to tig77LW at yahoo dotcom, because I had one day in which slow response time apparently resulted in me deleting way more emails than I meant to and I lost several addresses.  The other ladies have all re-emailed, but I haven't heard from you yet. :-)

Secondly, I just got an email from one of the fabric winners thanking me for the extra pattern.  She was happy to have it, as she used to and then it disappeared.  So I'm tickled that I wrote her address on it...but that means one of the pattern winners did not get a pattern.

So if you were supposed to receive a pattern and didn't, PLEASE email me at the above address and let me know.  I've heard from one or two that they've received theirs, but I don't know who was supposed to receive the one that went to the person who was obviously supposed to have it. :-)

Thanks for your patience!  I'll get it straight yet...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Workwear 32 and the black SWAP top

Yeah, it looks a little rumpled...And the collar is not arranged nicely...
But, y'all, I'd just helped The Flute Player move back home and we had about 15 minutes before we hopped back in the car for evening obligations.

So.  It is what it is.

And it is the Combo 1 top (Jalie 2682), black Lee jeans and a ten-years-plus old Silhouette Robin's Jacket; it was the first one I made from the pattern, before I whacked down the height of the shoulders for less Dynasty-looking shoulder pads.

This is a great black top.  Love, love the fabric; wish I could remember for sure where it came from. I have a bit more;  thinking of making a long cardi out of it.  If I have enough.

I think that's everything worn and photographed EXCEPT the cream cowl-neck shirt.

As the church offices are closed on Fridays, it'll be next week before I can get that last photo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Workwear 31

The gray T from Pack 2 makes an appearance today...with the original altered Oxfords and my favorite Jalie Draped front cardi...the only one I've made w/the pleats turned to the outside as intended.  It was a boo-boo at first; I misread the directions.  But I honestly think they look better turned in.  Lots of vertical lines and no noticeable fluff.

But it's such a bright color (last April's choir blue)  that it kinda overrides the fluff.

I almost didn't post this;  I've been wearing the gray T since I made it and it's already shown up in several choir posts.  But, since I'm in a series...and, today being a 'visit the chiropractor' day stretchy comfy was the rule...why not.

It's Me-Made-May anyway, right? ;-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Workwear 30

Same dark corner as yesterday.

Wildcard pack Helix pants, with Vogue 8691 (also made in the SWAP time frame, now that I think about it.  That's the first garment I finished this year) and the black cotton twill vest from Burda Style 05/2009 that has been a wardrobe workhouse since I made it ages ago...

And I've been making necklaces again; I've got a coral-and-gray one nearly done (it'll show up on choir posts, even thought gray is technically not in the mix I think it will work...) and last night I finished a knock-off of a necklace I'd seen (and nearly purchased) from a direct-sales company.  But the stated measurements in the catalog were just a hair shorter than I wanted, so I made my own.  It's convertable...I can wear it doubled, short, or single strand, looonng.   I want to put one more charm on it, but I gotta stop at Hobby Lobby to see if they've got what I have in mind...