Monday, August 25, 2014

Chop Job

I went to State  Girls Ministry Camp this year knowing it was the last time, as our church is  discontinuing our participation in that program.

I did not intend to get a t shirt; I have plenty of T shirts from years past, and I really couldn't wear them as promotional garments anymore.

But I liked this year's T shirt.  It was was sweet...

I finally decided I should get one.

But by that time they only had two adult sizes left...XL and XXL.

I hemmed and hawed, but finally decided to go ahead and get the XL...I could sleep in it or something, right?

I was unpacking my suitcase before I thought, D'uh!  Cut it down!

So I dug into the pattern cabinet and pulled out Kwik Sew 2900; a pattern I'd made ages and ages ago and kinda tossed back due to the boxy fit and batwing underarms.

But, for a promo T shirt...boxy and batwing fit the bill.  This was a rather beefy cotton jersey that didn't have a great deal of stretch, so a fitted girly T was out.

I traced off a Large...sigh, the last time was a Medium...and left it totally unaltered.

Then I hacked the t-shirt, cutting up the underarm seam in the sleeve and VERY CAREFULLY down the fold at the side of the shirt.

I left the neckline and shoulders intact, folded it in half  and matched up the front neckline and shoulder seams

 And then the back neckline and shoulder seams
 I cut the sleeves from the sleeve/shoulder of the original t; I was surprised that the original sleeve was not long enough to cut the sleeve cap.  So I left the armsceye sewed up and just cut the cap out of the shoulder area.  A bit of a weird detail on the shoulder now, to be sure, but it worked.

I folded up the hem allowance on the sleeve and put it right on the finished edge.
 So here's how it will all fit together...
 The sewing was really quick.  The only issue was that the shoulder of the t shirt was taped, so it's rather bulky right at the top of the sleeve cap, where the taped-and-seamed bit of the cap hits the remaining taped- and-seamed shoulder seam.

But..hey, it's still retained it's promo T look...and I'm no longer swimming in it. ;-)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Choir Wardrobe 8/24/14

A little vacation gettaway pulled me away from the blogsphere for a bit, but I'm back now and trying to see about creating new routines...which is typical after a little bit of refreshment. 

I've missed most of August...and next week My Sweet Babboo and I have duties that will pull us out of choir, so it looks like this is it for the month of emerald, navy and tan.

But I did get inspired to finish new stuff! 

I wish I'd've done the arms-straight-out pose, so you could really see the sheer jacket, but if you look close you can see it. I actually wore coordinates today...the Plaza jacket and pants from Sewing Workshop.  The pants are midnight blue tropical weight wool, and the jacket is a poly burnout that's been in the stash for ages and ages.  Not a fabric I would buy now, as I've learned even lightweight poly is HOT and STINKY, but I thought it would do nicely for a topper when navy is on the choir list.  And sheer cocoony jackets are kinda 'in' at the moment, so it was a good project.  The T is my fave Jalie-still-gotta-review-it twinset t, made from navy rayon jersey.

The blues don't match, but that's the trend now, right?  Avoid the too matchy-matchy?? 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, August 01, 2014

A little Catch Up

August 1.
There is just no way.

Like, how could it be Friday already?  And I never did a Choir Post?
 Not that this is really anything to get excited about; the jeans and the jacket are RTW, and the gray top is my much-used Simplicity 2603  which, as this was taken at the end of the day that included dinner at the noodle place and a bowl of drippy asian noodles, had a spot that is conveniently  concealed by the point of the jacket.

I've been working in ten-minute increments on a sheerish navy Plaza Jacket; it only needs hems but the poly burnout fabric is not being very cooperative and I've got to hand baste the whole thing.  So it's taking a bit.  But the choir colors for August are tan, emerald and navy, so I *should* get to wear it before the month is over.

This ten-minutes-at-a-time stuff is killing my sewing mojo.  Oh, it's better than nothing, but, wow, projects that used to take a weekend are now taking a month or more. I can live with this, but I'm not enjoying it much.

But, maybe as an enticement to get it together so I can sew more,  there are New Patterns In.  Had to make a trip to Hancock's today...because I lost some things I bought last year...and Vogue patterns were on sale.  So I grabbed a handful.  Each of these has something I like...and two of them have A/B/C/D cup sizing.  I figured it was worth $5 to not have to do a FBA.  If I ever get around to really making something.

The missing things were the iron-on applique letters I needed for my Girls Only Award Stole.  I'd made them for the girls last year, with their graduation year on the sash, and decided I'd make one for me, too, with the pins that I'd earned teaching the units.  My plan was to have it available for any promotional events we might do regarding the girls ministry program. But I didn't get to it last year, and I  looked and looked and couldn't find the letters this week, so I had to run to Hancocks.

However, as it has just been made public, we are doing away with the K - 12 girls ministry program and replacing it with a program for girls in grades k - 5 only.  So I'm kinda late with my promo plan.  But I needed a place to put the pins anyway, so I grabbed the appliques and finished off the stole.

Not really sure what I'm going to do with it; I might be able to use it in Wednesday night's advancement service but that would be it.

At this point, it's just going to be a bit of memorabilia of eight years spent with some amazing young ladies.

But, who knows...with 3 Teen Girls classes no longer on my plate, I might sew a little more.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Choir Wardrobe 7/12/14

Same combo as last week...just turned inside-out, color-wise. 

Coldwater jeans, with navy rayon jersey Jalie 2566 cap sleeve t...I will do a review on that as soon as I get a minute, because it is turning into my TNT T shirt pattern and I really ought to have mentioned it on PR, at least. ;-) 

Also wearing the needs-to-be-replaced-because-it's-wearing-out Jalie 2919 Pleated cardigan.   Not sure when I'll get around to actually replacing it, but I've got the fabric now and hopefully I'll remember not to use it for anything else.

And a double scarf...a scrap of sparkly dot-infused netting, left over from some costuming something that was being discarded from the school costume stash and toted home by The Princess about 11 years ago, that she finally said I could have, so I just whacked it into a rectangle.  I have a pink poly chiffon scarf that I made some time ago, just to have a scarf the right color.  I think I hit on the idea of putting them together last year and I liked that so well I just keep em' that way.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back from Girls Camp

...and I realized I never posted the Choir photo from last week...

Jeans from Coldwater, I think, an ancient poly tricotene Evan Piccone blazer,  a hot pink version of Simplicity 2603 and a scarf that got several compliments.

It's the remnant from the Jiffy Pop Top.  It was a very interesting fabric...a blue poly knit with the lame sort of printed on.  Sort of.  So I had this 3" bit along the selvages that were not lamanized, for want of a better term, so I just squared up the bit left at the was at least 60" wide...and, bingo, a silver/navy blue scarf, which works great when gray and navy are in the choir line up.  :-)

And, when I got home, a package was awaiting.  I got 3 yards of a rayon/lycra jersey in a spot on perfect shade of gray...not too dark, not too light...for the cardigan I was going to make from the fabric I inadvertently cut into two tops.

The really significant thing about that order is that I only ordered one piece of fabric.  Which safely arrived WITHOUT a traveling buddy.

Changing paradigms... ;-)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pattern Keepers Winner...

Angela the Creative Diva!

So, Miss Angela, if you would email your mailing address to me at

tig77LW atsign yahoodotcom

I'll get them off in the mail to you!

Thanks, everyone, for playing and for the comments.  It's always fun to see who's actually reading the blog; thanks to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment now and then!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Last Call for Pattern Savers Giveaway

Maybe I should've put the giveaway at the top of the post instead of at the bottom, in view of today's abbreviated feed collectors.

Giving away one package tomorrow morning to one person drawn from comments on this week's blog posts; just asking for you to tell me how long you've been reading Sew Random and what your favorite posts tend to be about...Choir Wardrobe?  Costuming?  The Sewing Assistant?

Happy Friday! :-)